Catching up


Earlier in the month,I made an eel to drop in Florida (link).  I didn’t get to drop it though, there was too much going on.  Instead, I found a new medical clinic here and decided to drop it there but each time I would pass the place, there were too many people around.  Half the fun of making these toys, is dropping them while no one is looking.   This morning, I took Mojo to be groomed and noticed they had a planter out front so I dropped Mr. Eel there.

Here he is waiting to be taken home.  I hope he is gone when I go pick Mojo up!

  Then, deciding I needed to get down to Christmas crafting, I made 2 little purses with appliquéd birdies.  I added a crocheted flower and charm for fun.  July’s MIM gift (link) is done!

I lined each with fabric to match their birdies…

I’m going to put a few goodies inside each purse before wrapping them up for Christmas.  Maybe a toy and one of those plastic coin holders that will open when you squeeze it.  My mom always said you have to put a penny inside a purse for good luck when you give it as a gift.  

I continue to crochet cat beds for the local animal shelter.  I’m up to 10 now and hope to do several more by fall.  It is just a simple mat but my cats love them and will use them until delivery day.  If you want to see them or get the how to, click here.

“Creativity is a drug I cannot live without”. – Cecil B. DeMille


About yarnigras

its the little things that bring me children's laughter, my husband holding my hand, Ginger's thump of her tail each and every time I see her. A jar of buttons or marbles, some pretty yarn; planting seeds and then watching them grow. Helping a turtle to cross the road, discovering tree frogs and toads in our yard...watching a snail meander across a potted plant or a ladybug run to the tip of my finger then fly away. The smell of hay, saddles and horses; finishing a project that I know will make someone happy, cooking someone's favorite meal, finding something for my a hummingbird's amazing is God's world!

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