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While the rest of the US is in drought, we have rain to spare.   This week has been full of thunderstorms and more rain than we need.  

The good news is that with all the rain, momma squirrel moved into an old birdhouse.  She chewed the hole bigger during a rainstorm last week and she and her mate took turns checking it out.   With the onset of the really heavy storms this week, she has remained inside.   She is very large now and I’m sure she will give birth soon. 

I’m happy I could get a decent photo of her, she moves so quickly that she is usually just a blur.

I posted about my lovely angel a few weeks ago on my original blog.  The area we placed her in was devoid of plants and she looked a bit lonely…but it was by design.  I had saved 2 large envelopes of wildflower seeds that needed a home and knew they would be perfect in this triangular bed.   I adore wildflowers and when we redid our yard, I had forgotten to save them a location.  This spot tends to stay dry, which is perfect for the ones I grow.

Just a few weeks of sun and rain turned it into a garden worthy of her…

I’ll have to take another photo of her once the zinnias and baby’s breath blooms...

“Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower.”
 -John Harrigan



About yarnigras

its the little things that bring me joy...my children's laughter, my husband holding my hand, Ginger's thump of her tail each and every time I see her. A jar of buttons or marbles, some pretty yarn; planting seeds and then watching them grow. Helping a turtle to cross the road, discovering tree frogs and toads in our yard...watching a snail meander across a potted plant or a ladybug run to the tip of my finger then fly away. The smell of hay, saddles and horses; finishing a project that I know will make someone happy, cooking someone's favorite meal, finding something for my garden...like a hummingbird's nest...how amazing is God's world!

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  1. I’m guessing the birdies won’t try to move in now that mama squirrel has taken up residency. How cute!

    Did those wildflowers grow that fast? Absolutely amazing! I had no idea. I have wildflower seedbombs I bought at Anthropologie a couple of year ago — I wonder if they would still work? Too hot here right now though so not sure if I should even give them a go.

    Hope all is well with you. Are you crafting? Have a great day. Hugs, Tammy

    • Hey Tammy,

      To answer your question, yes, they grew THAT fast…something like 3 weeks! Cosmos and zinnias love hot dry locations with full sun and I poked around on google and it looks like they can be grown in Kuwait. As for the seed bomb, I’m not sure about the heat this late in the year. Usually a seed bomb has numerous flower types and some might not do well. You might have to start it next year before the real heat kicks in. Can you buy those seeds there? If so, you could get 1 pack and experiment. While they are germinating, they are tender and need regular watering but once grown, they are heat and drought tolerant. If you can’t buy seeds, but they are allowed into the country, let me know and I’ll mail you some.



      https://yarnigras.wordpress.com/ http://www.yarnigras.blogspot.com


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